Tsunami Event to Promote Healing

By Nicole Fitzgerald
Organizers of MY Place show to send good vibes, money to victims A study was conducted on the power of prayer. One group of ill people was prayed for, the other was not. The people for whom prayers were offered healed faster than the group for whom none were offered. The Tsunami Relief Fundraiser on Friday, Jan. 21, at MY Millennium Place, will operate on this study’s principals by both raising money for the UNICEF Tsunami Relief Fund through a silent auction and ticket sales and featuring prayer-like activities to send conscious healing to Southeast Asia tsunami victims. “Studies have proven there is power in prayer,” said event co-organizer Kelly Oswald, director of Mystic Arts school in Vancouver and owner of The Oracle in Whistler. “Whether guided meditation or singing, by sending that energy, we are helping people who are victims, compassionate helpers and those who have already passed on.” As part of the performance component of the event, Oswald will lead a guided meditation or visual journey to propel participants’ thoughts energetically to those in Southeast Asia. As well, Cheryl Brewster will bring the powerful tones of the Tibetan Singing Bowl to heal, clear and balance energy systems. “In drawing on this ancient form of healing, we use the power of sound to carry blessings and peace to those who need it most,” Brewster said. Oswald said the root of the practice lies in people’s intentions. The positive power of intention, all harnessed at once in the same direction, will be quite powerful, she said. The evening will also include performances from Vancouver’s multicultural dance troupe called One Dance Creative Arts Company, the Lil’wat Hand Drummers, KostaMan reggae beats and a slide presentation on Southeast Asia. The slide presentation will be delivered by Dave Smith, another organizer of the event, who traveled Southeast Asia last spring. With so many pictures in the media showing the destruction, death and devastation of the people and land, Smith wanted to show the beauty of the area and the people who live there. “I think it is really valuable to be left with a positive image of these places,” Smith said. “They will get back to it. There is huge loss, but also change. Like a forest fire, it rips through an area but (eventually) it brings new growth. We need to remember that. We have to grow from this and learn and the world will be that much wiser from it if we allow ourselves to be.” The 10-minute slide show will feature 80 of Smith’s images taken from his trip through Thailand, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Witnessing the generosity of the Southeast Asian people who have little in the way of material wealth was what sparked Smith, Krista Hoffs and Christian Kessner to organize the event. William Roberts, executive director of the Whistler Forum and motivational speaker, will host the showcase along with talks from presenters such as Whistler Mayor Hugh O’Reilly, Lyndsay Smith from UNICEF and Ann Rowan from the David Suzuki Foundation. The show starts at 7 p.m.. Beginning at 6 p.m. in the theatre’s lobby, a silent auction, raffle, appetizers from various Asian-inspired restaurants, live music, massage, psychic readings and live music will take place.