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Mediums Jules and Matthew

Ghost World October 25, 2012 Brandon Barrett “There are two ghosts, one is a mother and the other is a child, possibly about 12 years old.” -Oct. 27, 1994 article in The Whistler Question It has never been easier to be a skeptic. When every argument can be settled […] Read more »

Buddha smiles on corridor

by Jennifer Miller, Reporter (The Whistler Question) Spontaneous donations being forwarded to Whistler-area non-profit groups With the Peak 2 Peak Gondola, black bears, Black Tusk and many others, Whistler has no shortage of icons. But there’s a relatively new one in town that’s quietly spreading luck, goodwill and community support […] Read more »

I sold my stocks (the psychic said I should)

— by Sarah Boesveld (The Globe & Mail ) While businesses around the world suffer and shrink in the current financial downturn, psychics, hypnotists and astrologers are basking in the good times. Many say they’ve seen significant boosts in the past few months, and are seeing greater demand from investors […] Read more »

Paying it Forward Between the 2010 Cities: North Shore to Whistler

The Whistler Question Published: 2008-10-09 Paying it Forward Between the 2010 Cities: North Shore to Whistler The North Shore, Squamish and Whistler will be ‘Paying it Forward’ for the next six weeks. Regardless of the stock markets, interest rates, the world economy or elections, these communities are out to pick up […] Read more »

Psychic school for the everyman

By Nicole Fitzgerald, The Pique Newsmagazine The Oracle hosts a psychic certificate program this fall at Brew Creek Lodge Imagine life with the ability to hit the fast-forward button for a quick glimpse of future possibilities. Contrary to gypsy stereotypes, no crystal balls are necessary. Psychic Kelly Oswald says anyone […] Read more »

Chopra urges global ‘family of compassion’

By Reporter: Jennifer Miller Peace starts with internal commitment: author Deepak Chopra With aggressive language for projects and movements that are supposed to be positive, it’s no wonder even peace activists are angry. Everything from the War on Drugs to the War on Poverty uses metaphors for violence instead of […] Read more »

Chopra, famed mind-body expert set for visit

By Jennifer Miller, Reporter Chopra to share message of change during ‘Seduction of Spirit’ retreat The author and leader in mind-body health is coming to Whistler July 30 to Aug. 4 for the Chopra Centre’s Seduction of Spirit meditation retreat — the first of its kind in Canada — but […] Read more »

The Power of YOU

By Jennifer Miller Transforming society, one person at a time ‘Power of You’ conference Oct. 6 and 7 at Millennium Place, Whistler The concept behind the event is “the world comes to Whistler and Whistler gives back to the world,” Oswald said. With fun events, seminars and workshops, participants can […] Read more »

Spreading positive Whistler vibe

By Jennifer Miller, Reporter Question, others set to launch ‘Pay It Forward’ initiative Don’t be surprised if it seems like people around you start getting nicer, or at least more courteous, in the coming weeks. Perhaps someone you don’t know will buy you a coffee. You might find quarters left […] Read more »

Changing the World through Kindness

“Whistler… Pay it Forward” aiming to promote positive vibe in resort What is “Whistler… Pay it Forward”? Simply put, it is a free program designed to encourage us to be consciously nice to each other. The idea is geared to create an actively positive environment and enhance our sense of […] Read more »