ServicesReadings & Holistic Services
Our goal… for each and every session… is for the highest good. We aspire to empower you — to show you how to trust your own intuition, to live your meaningful life to it’s fullest — NOT to make you dependent on us. We respect you. All sessions are completely confidential. Your privacy is protected.

Our workshops are designed to inspire and stimulate personal and spiritual growth.
Areas of study may include meditation, business, abundance, shamanism, earth energies, crystals, art therapies, tarot, intuition, Eastern philosophy, and a plethora of metaphysical subjects.

Corporate Programs
Entertainment for Events, Lunch and Learn, Partner/Spousal Programs, Team Building Add-ons – all geared to cause clients to be satisfied and mystified!

Private Events
We have as much fun as you do!
Readings and/or workshops for book clubs, birthday parties, anniversaries, seasonal events, baby showers, gals night, and afternoon teas.

Weddings are legal and recognized by the Province of British Columbia Vital Statistics.
Reverend Kelly Oswald marries couples through personalized, beautiful and meaningful ceremony.