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The following programs can be tailored to fit a 1-4 hour workshop depending on your requirements.
Full day workshops are also available.

Create Your Day
Does your day ‘happen to you’ or do ‘happen to your day’. Discover the secret to having your days unfold exactly as they should. Through the realm of Quantum Mechanics, it is entirely possible to set your intention and manage the outcomes you desire as well as define the virtues you wish to develop in yourself. The magic of this knowledge actualizes the amazing human being you are, and clarifies the purpose of your life path.

Buddha in the Boardroom
Meditation has been proven as the key to expanded creativity and greater productivity. By quieting the mind and reducing inner chatter, this method allows space to hear what is trying to emerge. It creates a sense of inner peace and calm and opens the door of self-awareness and awakened consciousness. Find your silent space and discover the benefits of meditation including; greater concentration and intuition, improved sense of connectedness and better functioning in the rest of your day.

Intuition: A Fact with a Future
Use your intuition on a daily basis to help ease you through work and leisure time. Buried between logic and emotion your intuition is much more than a `little voice within’, it’s a strong calling to keep you aligned and on purpose. Discover how to reach beyond your own thoughts and identify and engage with your intuition

Feng Shui
If you could improve the quality of your life — why wouldn’t you? The placement of decor and objects in your home or office environment can create a harmonic effect – promoting productivity, creativity, prosperity, health and personal contentment. Through the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, create an auspicious environment that will support and nurture you.

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