I sold my stocks (the psychic said I should)

— by Sarah Boesveld (The Globe & Mail )

While businesses around the world suffer and shrink in the current financial downturn, psychics, hypnotists and astrologers are basking in the good times. Many say they’ve seen significant boosts in the past few months, and are seeing greater demand from investors who no longer trust the suit-and-tie financial advisers who told them to buy stocks that eventually tanked. Kelly Oswald, founder of the West Coast School of Mystic Arts Center for Enlightened Living and the Oracle in Whistler, B.C., says it’s business as usual. Her team of more than 20 spiritual “facilitators” has seen a steady increase in clients since the centre opened.

“We’ve been in the business since 1999. It’s grown every year, it’s grown steadily,” she says.

What’s more, she’s seeing more men seeking answers from the other side.

“We have an 80-per-cent female, 20-per-cent male [clientele]. I would say it’s definitely shifted to maybe even 70-30 within the past year. It’s increased significantly.”