Changing energy the Chinese way

North Shore News
An all-day seminar next Sunday will take participants beyond the basics of feng shui.
The seminar is being offered by Kelly Oswald, a North Vancouver-based graphic artist who is also a feng shui practioner and teacher. The seminar is Sunday, Nov. 4 in the Rehearsal Studio at the Centennial Theatre.
Feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is an ancient Chinese art that involves maximizing the “chi” energy that flows in your home and enhances prosperity, health, relationships and well-being. Good feng shui provides a nurturing environment that not only shields its occupants, but also creates harmony with the elements of nature, says Oswald. Sunday’s workshop covers both the spiritual and the practical side of Feng Shui.
The seminar presents participants with the opportunity to be their own consultant for the day. Participants are asked to bring a floor plan of their home (hand drawn is acceptable), know which direction is north and bring a clipboard or a firm writing surface. It will help to have read a book or know a little bit about feng shui in advance.
The day will include assessing property and home, maximizing the energy areas and creating an auspicious flow of chi. Both Western and Compass School of feng shui will be discussed and generally applied.
“The goal of this workshop is to give participants the tools necessary to make positive changes in their home or office energy and achieve the desired goals; health, wealth, contentment, or happiness in love,” says Oswald.
Doors open at 9 a.m. for casual conversation and informal introductions. Reverend Hannelore will start the day with the Ceremony of Life, followed by feng shui basic principles, history and environmental influences. Debbie Bengston of North and West Vancouver Emergency Response Program will lecture on safety and feng shui. After a brief lunch, psychic consultant Charlotte Greenwood will bring the focus of the day back with a grounding meditation. Feng shui as it is applied to the home fills most of the afternoon. Danna Calli, of Artists in Residence, discusses the use of colour, paint and finishes. The day concludes with Thais Baker, a crystal and energy healer, leading a Crystal Bowl Ceremony.