Feng Shui Workshop Comes to Cabo

Gringo Gazette
Listen up, and get your house in order
Feng Shui it’s an interesting idea, but how do you say it? Is it “Feng Shui” or “fung shway”? And just what does it do? You can find out at a rare opportunity to discover the fundamentals of Feng Shui, 9:30AM on Monday, November 19th in the meeting room at the Marina Sol in Cabo San Lucas.
How can a 3,000-year-old Chinese art benefit people in modern Mexico? According to Feng Shui practitioner Kelly Oswald, who will conduct the upcoming workshop, “Feng Shui involves maximizing the flow of chi, energy through your home.” It is said that Feng Shui can enhance prosperity, health, relationships and well being. Good Feng Shui is thought to provide a nurturing environment that shields its occupants
and creates harmony with the elements of nature.
In ancient China, the knowledge of Feng Shui was at one time exclusive to the upper classes, passed down through generations of royalty and high-ranking officials. Today, it has become accessible to everyone, in Asia and in the West. Although Feng Shui is not religion based, it can be seen as having a spiritual component. Monday’s workshop covers both the spiritual and the practical sides of Feng Shui. Both the Western and Compass School of Feng Shui will be discussed and generally applied.
The Feng Shui presentation will be interactive. You have an exciting opportunity to turn Kelly Oswald into your own Feng Shui consultant for the day. Bring a floor plan of your home or business (hand drawn is fine), know which direction is north and bring a clipboard or a firm writing surface. The day’s presentation will include assessing your home or business, maximizing the energy areas and creating an auspicious flow of chi.
Here is what Kelly tells us you will get out of her work shop: “This ancient wisdom of living in harmony with the laws of the universe can give participants the tools necessary to make positive changes in the energy of their homes or offices and achieve their desired goals, whether those might be for health, wealth, contentment, or happiness in love. We (human beings) are the only animals that work against nature instead of going with nature’s flow. Doors open at 9:30AM for casual conversation, informal introductions and light refreshments. The day begins with an introduction to Feng Shui basic principles, history and environmental influences. A video presentation dealing with disasters, provided by North and West Vancouver Emergency Response Program, will outline how safety preparedness is applied using Feng Shui principles. After a brief lunch, Kelly brings the day back to focus with a grounding meditation. Feng Shui, as applied to your home, fills most of the afternoon. Mapping your home or business and making most of your living areas or working space is the main focus. Next, a slide presentation covers the use of color, paint and various finishes to maximum effect and to please your eyes, followed by a question-and-answer period. The day promises to be an enlightening experience.