Changing the World through Kindness

The Question

“Whistler… Pay it Forward” aiming to promote positive vibe in resort
What is “Whistler… Pay it Forward”? Simply put, it is a free program designed to encourage us to be consciously nice to each other. The idea is geared to create an actively positive environment and enhance our sense of community through neighbourly gestures. We know that to instigate change, we have to start with ourselves, that change starts with the one.

Pay it Forward, is the story of a young boy who sets out to change the world into a nicer place through random acts of kindness. The theory is that by doing something kind or helpful to three people, they in turn would pay it forward to three more people (now the total is twelve) and three more in turn – bringing us quickly to thirty-one – and if those thirty-one pay it forward, then 136 people will have been touched by a random act of kindness. And so on. Now stop for a moment and think about how positive a place Whistler would become if we were following this cue? We live in a pretty up-beat community already; I moved here just over four years ago, and the first thing I noticed was that everybody smiles, or at least smiles back.
Pay it Forward brings awareness to, and recognizes the “good stuff” that is already in the works, but also encourages us to pass it on and keep the ball rolling. As I was running desperately for the bus that was just pulling away from the stop, the woman who owns Alpine Bed and Breakfast pulled over and offered me a ride. Two days later, I saw a late-for-work-girl making the same dash, only this time I was able to offer the ride.
Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes – from helping someone with heavy groceries to jumping in to assist in an emergency – either way, it makes both parties feel good.
Often we get caught up in our own lives or stress over world events; but when we take the focus off ourselves and turn it outwards something magic happens. Claire Oliver of Blue Mountain Cleaning unexpectedly sent her crew to clean my house when I was ill, which has led me to offer my services to WAG for their upcoming K9-Wine and Dine. On reflection, I’ll bet you can think of similar streams of random acts of kindness occurring in your own life. Call it karma or the Law of Attraction; whatever it is… it’s a win/win.
Here’s how “Whistler… Pay it Forward” works.
Pick up a “Pay it Forward” card from one of the listed sponsors.
Complete 10 random acts of kindness. Choose from the list of suggestions or make up your own.
Drop off the card at one of the listed sponsors for your chance to WIN!
Repeat as many times as you wish.
The Grand Prize Draw will be held at The Power of YOU event on October 6th at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.
Weekly prizes will be awarded by Movie Gallery.
Send your best experiences to:
The Whistler Library carries the book “Pay if Forward” and Movie Gallery is renting the movie for free.
Many thanks to The Question, The Oracle Books & Gifts, The Fairmont Chateau Whistler, Movie Gallery, The Grocery Store, Nesters Market and Marketplace IGA for empowering Whistler… Pay it Forward.